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Lindsey's Place

Lindsey's Place© is a place to learn for young minds.    It's a place to get experience in learning, so you'll be learning how to learn.    This is accomplished by using technology to allow you to make custom design changes and design enhancements to original artwork.   All artwork at Lindsey's Place was created by Lindsey, a nine year old artist living in California, USA.    Every enhancement combination gives the artwork a different look, different meaning, and the number of possible combinations are almost infinite.

Some Traits of What Lindsey's Place Provides

  • Lindsey's Place is non-competitive. There are no right or wrong answers.

  • The learning can be accomplished individually or in groups. Parents and/or teacher involvement benefits everyone.

  • The subject-matter being learned are the rarely-discussed soft skills, asking questions such as, "What is beauty?", "Why do certain colors never look good together", "When do colors that contrast each other look good together and when don't they?".

      "These soft skills, will then help in the learning process of all of the hard skills, such as math, reading, writing, science, art."

  • The learning is truly fun, providing "awe" and "wow" feelings, laughter, and it challenges your mind to learn what you think is best.

  • Typical questions for discussion include:
    1. Which design options make the artwork the most beautiful?
    2. Of any two design options selected, which one is more beautiful?


The discussion of what approach is best in enhancing the artwork is both fun and a great learning experience. It's "Experience in Learning for Young Minds".

If this sounds interesting to you, proceed onward and start creating your own unique artwork based on Lindsey's artwork. And you can also send your creations through E-mail to anyone, turning your artwork into a virtual greeting card.

Enjoy your visit and may your learning skills always improve.


"Experience in Learning for Young Minds"

Lindsey's Place - 2002-2003, All Rights Reserved - Email: Lindsey

Lindsey's Place